How to Solve MCQs in CSS Exams?

How to Solve MCQs in CSS Exams?

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are an essential part of the CSS exams. It requires that candidates have a solid understanding of various topics to perform well in this section. In this section, candidates are presented with a question and given several answer options, and they have to choose the correct one. The MCQs section can be challenging. However, with adequate preparation and practice, candidates can increase their chances of success in the CSS exam. The following mentioned are a few multiple-choice test tricks and strategies on how to pass a multiple-choice test without studying.

1. Ignore Conventional wisdom

Many individuals who take up objective-type questions have the habit of guessing the middle option as the answer if they do not know. They also avoid answers which show none, all, always, and never. This conventional wisdom will never help throughout the exam and so ignoring conventional wisdom is vital for answering a multiple-choice answer.

2. Cancel Incorrect Options

For answering a multiple choice question, it is a fact that the multiple options are formatted in a tough manner. All the options seem to be right in some aspect and so the test taker can pick out the wrong answers first and then choose the right answer.

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3. True or false test

Read the question carefully. If you’re confused by looking at the options, give each option a true or false test. Cross out the false answers and in this way, the most appropriate answer can be found.

How to Solve MCQs in CSS Exams

4. Taking “all of the above” into Account

In a multiple choice question when there is an option as “all of the above” be careful in answering the such type of question. Check to see if more than two options are right. Then, you can opt for that choice.

5. Check the sentence

When your question ends with ‘a’, ‘an’, or ‘the’, then the answer should start appropriate to the article. Hence, the correct answer can be chosen appropriately. Though this does not stand true for all questions, can help for a few which have articles in them. A few questions in English can be handled this way for picking the right option.

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6. Lengthy options

In the midst of many questions when you find options with variable sizes of answers, pick the longest answer. It is a fact that the question designers cannot format very short answers.

7. Patterns and similarities

When there are options with many variables and so, look out for the options and their patterns and similarities. Pick choices that have the same patterns and leave out the outliners so that the nearest or right answer is picked.

8. Middle order

The middle-order option is something that students can choose. For example, if the options are 100,150, 200, and 250 then choosing 150 or 200 can be the right choice. In such cases mostly, the right answers are lesser than the maximum and higher than the lowest.

9. First Impression is the Last Impression

Always remember that the first impression is the best one. Once you have read the question, pick the right answer immediately. As you keep on reading the options there is a chance to choose the wrong option.

10. Chary (Careful, Cautious) reading and understanding

Test takers should make sure to read the question carefully though it is a timed test. Many individuals waste time without reading the question. Hence, it is important to read the question carefully and understand what is required.

11. Practicing

Practicing well for exams is one way to score maximum. Past test papers, practice exams, or study guides can give you an idea of how to answer MCQs.

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12. Planning time

In order to use time appropriately, answer the questions for which you know the answers. For ones for which you have a doubt, leave the doubtful question and skip over. At the end again read out the questions which you have not answered. Then, complete your question paper. In this way, you can elevate your confidence and you also find more time for hard questions.

13. Focusing on keywords

You should identify and underline the keywords in the question. They will help to narrow down the meaning. In this way, the right option will match each and every part of the stem of the question. Furthermore, for the same paying attention to qualifiers, superlatives, and negatives are important.

14. Pick the Answer First

Once you have read the question, formulate the answer in your mind. You should remember in mind rather than finding out on paper. After finding it in mind, look for that option in the given options. In this way, you can easily solve your question without being confused.

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15. Trust Instincts

If your mind’s instinct is that you should choose any other option after choosing already an option, you must listen to your instinct. However, concrete reasoning is mandatory to bring this transition.

16. Number games never work all the time

Playing odd doesn’t work o all the time and so you should avoid playing with such types of methods. You also must avoid guesswork and gameplay-type questions as they do not work well all the time.

17. Learn from mistakes

It is always a good idea to learn from your mistakes. Once they return your paper in mock tests, review the answers and find out the reason for the mistakes taken place. Reason out if it is the question pattern or study material which has made you pick an incorrect answer. In this way, you can avoid mistakes in the future.

18. Answers hidden in questions

A complete reading of the question paper is one way to find out a few answers. It is because for some questions you can find answers in the question itself. The questions may have a link and answers within them too.

19. Eliminate grammatically wrong answers

It is a good way to eliminate grammatically wrong answers in a multiple-choice question. The answers would never make sense and hence grammatically, you can cancel those wrong answers.

20. Opposites can be the right answer

In a multiple-choice paper, if two options are complete opposites then there is a chance that one of them might be the answer. It is actually a trick used by professors to check the knowledge of the students in the subject.

21. Word in many Options

There are many questions where one word appears in more than one option. The answer must be one of those choices, which have the same word. In this context eliminate the odd one and choose from similar options.

22. Irrelevant Answers

Once the question is read the options would have answers related to the question, if there are answers which are unrelated to the question then they can be eliminated as the wrong answers.

23. Proper Preparation

It is true that multiple choice questions concentrate on minute details in the subject that cannot be retained in mind effectively. Preparing at an early stage is what a multiple-choice exam requires. Frequent review and early preparations are ways to hack the multiple choice exercises instead of tricks and guesswork.

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24. Scheduling

It is mandatory for intense preparation for any multiple-choice paper, it would be advisable to pay attention to terms and concepts, observations, ideas, and a lot more. These tips are important as these would be the ones that most commonly appear in the exams. You can also make lists and tables of important ideas or events which makes learning easier.

25. Do not Guess All the Time

Almost all students guess most of the time for multiple choice answers but guessing would not be apt for negative marking questions. Avoid guesswork for negative marking questions as they may lower your final total.


These are a few hints which can be followed for answering multiple-choice questionnaires. However, these tips are not completely 100% true to yield successful results. These are a few tricks to handle the questions. They work for some situations but not completely for all exams, all times, and all scenarios. Prior preparations and training are mandatory aspects for any multiple choice exams. The skill to tackle a multiple choice test paper is mandatory and hence good preparation on the subject along with these techniques is required to win over such exams. Test takers and students can run through these tips with proper preparation and hack their multiple-choice exams in the right manner rather than believing in guesswork.

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