Precis Writing Rules for CSS Exams

Precis Writing Rules for CSS Exams

Precis writing is a part of the subject English Precis and Composition in CSS and PMS exams. It has great importance in this paper as it carries 20 marks out of 100. Therefore, it is necessary to attempt it in the right way so that you can ace this subject. Mostly, students fail this subject because candidates don’t have much grip on precis as well as other topics of this subject. In this post, we’ll go into great detail about what precis writing is, the critical elements that must be considered while writing a precis, the Dos and Don’ts, and precis writing rules.

What is Precis writing?

Precis ( A French word (pronounced Pressee) connected with the English word Precise) is actually a summary or main idea of a paragraph. And, precis writing is summarizing content. It is an exercise in compression. It should be short, 1/3rd of the original paragraph, succinct and include all essential elements of the original content. While writing this, you must take care of the thing that it should be the theme of the paragraph.

Precis Writing Rules

It must not be confused with paraphrasing. A paraphrase not only reproduces content but also details. Sometimes it is even longer than the original content. While precis is shorter and includes only the theme of the paragraph. Usually, there is no rigid rule of writing precis, it differs with the style of writers. Some precis is concise and some are diffused. But as I previously discussed, precis length shouldn’t exceed one-third of the original passage.

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Important Rules of a Precis Writing

In order to avoid any mistake in precis writing, follow these rules which are mentioned below:

  1. Read the comprehension carefully.
  2. Underline important words
  3. Note down important points in the last of the answer sheet
  4. Make a rough draft of the precis on the same page on the answer sheet
  5. Try to use short and easy words
  6. Draft again all the points once you’re done with writing precis

Important Features of a Good Precis

There are many important features of a good precis. Aspirants who are just preparing their CSS/PMS exams for 2023 or 2024, can take guidance from here. Knowing the features of an attractive precis can make you clear this subject easily.

1. Length of Precis

Never write a lengthy precis. Before writing precis, count the words carefully and then divide them by three. Then you must take care that you can write words of precis only 10 more or less than 1/3rd of the passage.

2. Convenient in Reading

Precis should be convenient in reading. It should not have complex vocabulary words or complicated sentence structures. Otheriwise examiner would have difficulty while reading it and probably it wouldn’t like it.

3. Cover all Essential Points

Make sure that you have covered all important points. As, I mentioned earlier you should note important points in the end. Make it sure that you have skipped no point while writing precis.

4. Make a Suitable Title

Beofr writing precis, there should be a title which should be of appropriate length. It shouldn’t be long one. Moreover, it should sync with the given passage.

5. Write it Neatly

Precis writing as well as whole paper should be very neat. It reflects your focused mind. Rough handwriting and ambiguous sentence structures don’t put a good effect on exmainer’s mind.

Do’s and Don’ts in Precis Writing

Every year thousands of candidates appear in competitive examinations i.e. CSS and PMS exams. Only a few of them pass the written part and less than a few of them get allocation in different departments. The ones who crack written part must have some exceptional qualities which are better than others. That’s why they pass those examinations and others don’t. We know that in CSS 2022 written examinations, the percentage of passed candidates is only 1.94%. It means even 2% aspirants couldn’r crack these examinations. They didn’t pass only in one subject or others. Every year ratio fluctuates only a little bit.

Based on this information, in following paragraphs, I am providing you some Do’s and Don’ts while precis writing which will help you to excel in these exams.

Do’s for Precis Writing

  • Begin with the basic idea to build impressions that it is convenient to read.
  • Give a clear idea to the reader of what he is about to read.
  • While writing precis, make notes of all important points of the passage and must include them.
  • Facts/numeric figures must include in the precis which are mentioned in the passage.
  • Include all keywords and terms which are in the passage.
  • All sentences of precis should have common links.
  • You must describe historical data in past tenses.
  • Keep track of your tenses.

Don’ts for Precis Writing

  • Don’t exceed the length of the precis more than the passage.
  • You should not complicate sentence structure and use complex vocabulary.
  • Don’t use abbreviations.
  • Don’t put interrogative statements in precis.
  • Never focus on one point for the long time.
  • Don’t make assumptions in the precis.
  • Don’t put additional information in precis which is not included in the passage.
  • Furthermore, don’t write recommendations or a way forward in precis.

The above-mentioned dos and don’ts will help candidates get a better idea of the concept and also learn the correct approach with which the precis needs to be written.

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