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How to Make an outline of a CSS Essay?

CSS Essay is one of the compulsory subjects of competitive examinations. To ace this subject, one must have a complete grip on all parts of a perfect essay. One of its essential parts is an outline. Out of ten topics when you choose one topic while sitting in the examination hall, the first step you take is brainstorming relevant to that chosen topic. Brainstorming helps you to make an outline of the essay. If you can make a captivating outline you can pass this subject without any further hard work. So, are you ready to know how to make an outline? To get familiar with this topic you must know what is an outline. Why is it important?

What is an Outline? Why is it important?

An outline of the essay is actually a framework for presenting ideas. First, you have to write central ideas, then you write supporting ideas in a coherent manner. In other words, you divide the body of the essay into significant parts. Then, subparts and somewhat required detail of those parts. Making an outline for an essay helps you to develop a coherent and logical structure of the essay. Once it is complete you can easily translate your ideas into sentences and words.

An outline represents the whole picture of your essay in the examiner’s eyes. You should follow the same in your essay also. Often students don’t follow this. They make a lengthy outline but very little relevant data in the essay. Furthermore, often they don’t make a well-organized outline. These are the mistakes you should be careful about while writing essays in CSS/PMS exams.

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What are the types of Outline?

There are two types of outlines.

  1. Topic Outline
  2. Sentence Outline

Topic Outline for CSS Essay

The topic outline consists of headings. These headings include universal, primary, and secondary headings. Every heading is further described in the form of arguments and points. Furthermore, headings should consist of short phrases. These phrases represent the main or central idea for the topic sentence of a paragraph. FPSC examiners also recommend this type of structure of an outline.

Sentence Outline for CSS Essay

The sentence outline summarizes each idea of a paragraph in one sentence. That one sentence includes everything which may become the topic of the paragraph.

Features of an ideal Outline

  1. First of all, your outline must present a detailed image and consist of all paragraphs.
  2. It should be very comprehensive that provide the whole overview of your discussion.
CSS essay outline

How to make an Outline of Descriptive Essay?

To make a perfect outline for a descriptive essay it should be divided into universal, primary, and secondary headings.

a. Universal Heading: There are two universal headings i.e. introduction and conclusion. They are repeated in every essay.

b. Primary Heading: This is the main portion that is asked by the examiner. You can never compromise on it. For instance, if an examiner gives you the topic “Global Warming: Causes and Consequences“, your primary headings should be causes and consequences. However, you can miss the solutions because it is not required by examiners.

c. Secondary Heading: This is the portion of the essay which examiners don’t ask categorically. However, if you add them you can write a comprehensive essay. These details may give you benefits to completing the length of an essay. The total required number of words in an essay is 2500-3000 words. For instance, in the topic “Global Warming: Causes and Consequences“, if you write solutions also, it can make an essay comprehensive.

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How to Make an Outline of an Argumentative Essay?

The structure of an outline of an argumentative essay is somewhat different from a descriptive essay. There are the following components of an argumentative essay.

a. Universal Heading: There again comes the heading which is repeated in every essay, the universal heading. The first one is the introduction and the second one is the conclusion.

b. Your Perspective: This is the portion that includes your stance or point of view. Here, you put all arguments summarized under one heading.

c. Stance of Opponents: This portion of the outline includes the stances or perspectives of opponents. In other words, you can say it includes counterarguments and responses to them. These are the objections that would raise arguments against your arguments. You should address those arguments also to make them persuasive. Everything should be responded to why they are invalid. It will strengthen your arguments.

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Some Guidelines for CSS Essay

  1. You should use the keywords of your essay in headings. It will complete you to remain focused and relevant on your topic of the essay.
  2. All headings should be self-explanatory.
  3. Capitalize every keyword of the headings in the essay. However, conjunctions, helping verbs, prepositions, articles, and pronouns should not be capitalized.
  4. You must illustrate the headings in the form of phrases.
  5. Points should be divided into sub-points to elaborate the paragraph content. For explaining sub-points a new paragraph is not required.
  6. Furthermore, your outline cannot afford even a single mistake. It should be flawless.

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