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CSS Books for English Precis & Composition

Extraordinary and different material in CSS exams from other is everything to ace the written part. To find the right CSS books & notes are assets for the exams. “English precis and Composition” is the subject where you all have to work hard to pass the exams. It consists of the precis part which carries 20 marks, composition, pairs of words/idioms, translation, etc. However, MCQs also carry 20 marks. To get passed in this paper, you will have to excel in sentence structure as well as vocabulary. Vocabulary plays a significant role in this subject. The more you have knowledge about vocabulary, the more you have a chance to pass this paper.

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Here, in this article, I am providing you links to CSS books and notes from different academies to prepare this paper:

css books

1. English (Grammar & Composition) by Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai

CARAVAN book house has published this book. Till now 8 editions have been published and every edition is commendable. All editions include all data related to CSS and PMS exams. More than 10,000 vocabulary words are available. Translation of hundreds of paragraphs is available in this book. There are many Essays also you can read in this book. This book also includes thousands of pairs of words as well as idioms. You all must read this book to get aware of different words to prepare vocabulary and pairs of words also. Here, you can download this book.


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2. Exploring the WORLD of English

ILMI KITAB KHANA published this book in 2012. It focuses on the English language and everything related to it. This is written by Syed Saadat Ali Shah. It would be helpful for CSS aspirants in terms of remembering vocabulary and grammar. All the grammar from A to Z, you can find in this book easily. Basically, the English language in Pakistan is the British’s legacy and its significance cannot be denied. It has been a global language. Without this, we will be handicapped in our advancement and development. This book is useful for CSS/PMS aspirants as well as persons for daily life.

That’s why everyone must go through this book. I am providing you a download link here in the following. Go and DOWNLOAD it:

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

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3. Discovering the World of Vocabulary by JWT

The third book you should read for preparing this subject is discovering the world of Vocabulary. JWT has published more than two editions and Adeel Niaz has written this book. Alphabetically, this book has each word from A to Z. There are more than 1 lac vocabulary words available in this. It would be great for CSS and PMS aspirants to read this book. It would help them to make their vocabulary stronger and stronger. Besides, you can find the importance of the English language in this book.

When you write English essays and translate paragraphs in English precis and composition, you need to use extraordinary vocabulary words t differentiate your paper from other students. It will help you to get good marks in this subject. Here, I am providing you link to this amazing book:


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4. Vocabulary Words by Aamir Mahar

This book is also one of the apt books to prepare English Precis & Composition papers for CSS and PMS aspirants. All students must go through this book as it has a GRE world list to make their vocabulary stronger. A stronger vocabulary will be suitable for aspirants. The more distinguishing words you know, the more you have a grip on this subject in CSS exams. Download this book from the following link.


5. Collins (English for Exams)

Collins (English for exams) is a book written by Anneli Williams. Specifically, this book was written for IELTS students but if CSS and PMS students read this book for making their vocabulary strong, it will be helpful for them to ace the examinations. This book consists of nouns, verbs, and adjectives from all alphabets from A to Z. It also includes health issues, daily life issues, normal life verbs, nouns, and everything related to this world. Furthermore, this book also includes paragraphs for composition. You guys must read this book to prepare for examinations. I am giving you the following link to download these books:


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6. English Grammar Workbook

English grammar workbook has written by Wendy Wilson and James H. Barlow. It includes the whole grammar like Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs, conjunctions, Interjections, etc. Every topic is well explained with examples and facts. Filter Subjects, Conditional sentences are also included. This book explains the whole grammar and sentence structure ideas. Aspirants will find it useful definitely to prepare for CSS & PMS examinations. You can find the download link in the following from where you can prepare after printing or online reading.


7. English Grammar & Composition by Wren & Martin

It is one of the best international books written by Wren & Martin for high school students. It consists of Grammar & Composition portion with full details. There are more than 45 chapters in this book that tell everything about attempting a good English precis & Composition paper. I am pretty sure if you guys read this book carefully, you must pass your subject with good marks. That’s why you must go through this book to ace the subject and consequently examinations. Here, I am giving you the link to download this book. Go and Download it.


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