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TV Shows About Gender Studies

We all are amplifying and hearing voices about women’s rights all around the world. Gender Studies is an important optional subject for CSS exams. It is a high-scoring subject if you attempt this paper in the right way and by being neutral. Lopsided discussions will not help you to excel in the examinations. Besides, there are many tv shows, movies, and web series available on different movie platforms about gender studies you must watch to be aware of this subject. Gender Studies subject includes historical perspectives, theories, feminism, feminism waves, movements, and many more. Here, in this blog, we aim to focus on tv shows or web series about gender studies.

List of TV Shows and Films on Netflix

css movies about gender studies

1. Unbelievable

Unbelievable is an American tv series available on Netflix. It is based on the true story of a rape case of an 18-year-old girl. In this series, a woman gets accused of lying about her rape. The story unravels when the police start an investigation of the girl and ask her to tell the whole story. They ask again and again. Therefore, some of her closest become skeptical of her story. However, two lady detectives try hard to find out the truth and they find out similar cases. Its ending is not like what we expect usually. It is different.

CSS aspirants must watch this series. It will help them to get to know in depth whether women’s rights really exist or is just a superficial drama.

Click here to watch this series.

2. Becoming

Becoming is a 2020 documentary film about the former first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama. It is based on a book of the same name. This book was also written by Michelle Obama. This film got 93% approval from different reviews. It features her footage during her talk shows, interviews, and tours. This movie received awards including grammy awards. The director of the movie follows her and shows the growth and change in her life. Aspirants must watch it for case studies of gender studies in feminism.

Click here to watch this series.

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3. GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)

GLOW is an American comedy series available on Netflix. Although its characters are fictional it is based on the 1980s syndicated professional wrestling circuit, to some extent. There are three seasons of this series. All are available on Netflix. Firs season was aired in 2017 and the last and fourth season was about to air in 2020 but due to COVID-19, it was shut down by the production house.

This series depicts the personal and professional lives of women. You guys must watch this series if you want to know a woman’s struggles to help you understand gender studies topics.

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4. Jessica Jones

If you want to see a feminist movie played by a woman superhero in the lead role, you must go for this series on Netflix. This movie revolves around a plot where a villainous character caused a woman to kill someone. Then she becomes a private investigator until that villain reappears. Such three seasons of this series continue. All aspirants must watch this series to be aware of women’s strengths and so on.

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5. Feminists: What were they Thinking?

This is a 2018 documentary film based on the evolution of feminism. This film depicts how feminism evolved. How did it start? Interviews and opinions of different women from different areas, backgrounds, and ages are included in this. International Documentary Association also partly funded this movie. This movie also includes photos of the 1970s. CSS aspirants are recommended to watch this series in depth. It will help 100% in your CSS exams.

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6. Audrie and Daisy

This is a 2016 documentary film based on real-life teenage victims of rape. They were high-class students of an American school. After sexual assaults girls were bullied and subjected to abuse. They get bullied on social media too. The whole movie features all things, the courtroom, social media, and police investigations. The movie’s directors were fascinated by this movie because they also had teenage children. In the end, the movie represents the design of punishing those predators. You guys must watch for exams. It will help you to write different case studies as well as in the feminism portion.

Click here to watch this series.

7. Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screens

This is a 2020 American documentary based on transgender people. It features many transgenders from the American film industry. Furthermore, you can learn history lessons using television shows and films that how damaging their ideas were displayed throughout. As of October 2021, this film held 98% approval ratings. CSS/PMS aspirants must watch this series on Netflix for Gender Studies.

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8. Knock Down the House

Knock down the house film is a 2019 documentary film. It is based on the female candidates of the US midterm elections of 2018. In the 2018 midterm elections of the US, four female democrats planned to run for Congress. The film represents their campaign in different cities. Netflix obtained this film’s distribution for $10 million. You guys must watch this series for US history as well as gender studies. It will help you to ace the examination because you would have unique content to write in CSS exams.

Click here to watch this series.

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