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Gender Studies is one of the optional subjects in CSS exams and it is good scoring also. Many aspirants choose this because of interest and more prominently because of good scoring. It is a broad and interdisciplinary field that examines the social construction of gender. It encompasses a range of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, psychology, and women’s studies. This subject is also concerned with issues of inequality, power dynamics, and social justice. In the context of CSS exams, it will likely focus on topics such as gender roles, gender identity, and gender-based discrimination. Here, I am giving you some links to CSS books for Gender Studies. You can download and read them.

1. An Introduction to Gender Studies by JWT

It consists of 9 chapters and all chapters are according to the CSS syllabus. All chapters are well-written and easy to understand. Besides, you can find case studies also from Pakistan and the US. This book, published by Jahangir World Times, is helpful to prepare. It is because it is written with somewhat simple vocabulary. You guys must go through this book. It may be cliche but still helpful for good scoring. I personally recommend you download and get a print of it. So, here I am providing you with the link. Go and download this book to read:

CSS Books for G.S

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2. Gender Studies Book by NOA

There are a variety of gender studies notes available for download online, providing individuals with a range of resources to help them prepare for their CSS exams. However, this book covers a wide range of topics within the field of gender studies, including gender roles, gender identity, and gender-based discrimination. It also provides detailed explanations of key concepts, such as intersectionality and patriarchy, and offers examples of how these concepts can be applied in real-world situations. These notes can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to gain a deep understanding of gender studies and excel in their CSS exams.

Go and download this book:

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3. Gender Studies Notes

These notes are a useful resource for individuals studying this subject. Additionally, these notes include case studies and waves of feminism for the understanding of the material and applying their knowledge to real-world situations. These notes can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to gain a deep understanding of gender studies and excel in their exams. They can also be helpful for individuals seeking to work in fields that are particularly concerned with gender-related issues, such as social work, education, and public policy.

4. Some Random Notes

Here, in the following, there are some random notes I found valid for the preparation. That’s why I am providing you with their links. You can download and read them. These are well-written and you can find some additional knowledge about gender identity, gender roles, and many more things. These notes will help you to have some good knowledge for CSS exams as well as if you’re pursuing it as a subject in your university. They also include previous papers and questions. In any way, they will help you to increase your knowledge. Here, I am providing you with these links. Go and grab your downloaded books:

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5. Gender Studies MCQs 2016-2022

These notes consist of the MCQ portion of previous CSS exams of 6 years. Each and every MCQ is included in this. Gender Studies paper carries 100 marks and 20 of them are of MCQs. Furthermore, the subjective portion carries 80 makes in which you have to attempt 4 questions, 20 marks for each. If MCQs are correct, you will get a complete 20 marks but in the subjective portion, if you have written a completely fine answer, you will not get 20/20 makes. Rather, you will get 15 or 16. So, MCQ preparation is also mandatory to excel in these exams. Here, I am providing you a link with the MCQs of the last six years. Go and download them to read easily:

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