CSS Exams: Top 5 Movies to be Aware of Bureaucracy

CSS Exams: 5 Movies for Bureaucrats

For years, I have been involved in the preparation process for CSS exams. The fantastic journey has given me a lot to learn. I think the CSS exam evaluates a variety of candidate traits. Besides, these traits can be learned from a variety of resources. One of the strategies I suggest to my followers for CSS preparation is watching movies. Here, I’d like to discuss five films that CSS students just cannot afford to miss. Furthermore, they might aid in the study process for any competitive exam. These movies are among the best resources for teaching critical and creative thinking abilities.

CSS Exams movies


The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

This movie is a 2005 Romanian dark comedy film. It was directed by Cristi Puiu. In the movie “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu”, an old man lives in a home as a widower. He has three cats. Someday, he feels extreme pain and calls an ambulance. But when no ambulance arrives, he asks for a neighbor’s help. That neighbor gives him some tablets. Besides then he lands in a medical bureaucratic wasteland. He is ignored, moved from one hospital to another, and sent from one doctor to another in this Romanian tragic comedy.

It shows how bureaucracy dehumanizes people. In a war-torn world where the only coping methods are drinking and craziness, medical staff that is understaffed and underpaid cannot afford to be compassionate. CSS aspirants much watch this movie to get to know how bureaucracy works.

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Section 375

Section 375 is a Bollywood movie released in 2019. This movie revolves around the legal flaws in India. Its plot involves the notable film director who is convicted by a session court. It is because a costume designer accuses him of rape. This movie is especially about new rape laws. These laws were passed in the wake of the well-known Delhi Rape Case of 2012, which is the foundation for Section 375. In the film, a lady uses the legal system to take revenge on her boss. Both the defense and the prosecution make strong arguments in this top courtroom drama film from Bollywood. Both lawyers pursue justice for their clients. This film does a fantastic job of presenting the processes and administration of the law.

CSS hopefuls should watch it to learn how laws are used, handled, and how judicial decisions are made. Additionally, it will assist candidates for competitive exams in developing their analytical and persuasive abilities. Click here to watch this movie for free.

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12 Angry Men

This movie is the remake one of the 1957 film of the same name. This movie involves the murder trial of a teenage boy who is accused of murdering his father. In addition to many other teachings, such as the importance of being unbiased while making decisions, 12 Angry Men imparts competence in negotiation, persuasion, and reasoning abilities. These abilities are essential for bureaucrats. I continue to learn something new every day from 12 Angry Men. It is regarded as the greatest film ever produced in the history of cinema.

In this unusual courtroom drama, twelve jurors must perform their civic duty by determining whether a young man from the ghetto was responsible for fatally killing his father. CSS aspirants much watch this movie if they want to develop the skills of bureaucrats. Click here to watch this movie for free.

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Delhi Crime

A Netflix original series called Delhi Crime is based on the 2012 South Delhi rape case. Netflix released this film in 2019. This movie received a positive response from critics. Its story follows the aftermath of a gang rape. DCP tasks to find culprits in the movie. It demonstrates how the police department operates.

Candidates for the CSS who want to join the Pakistan Police Service (PSP) must see this. This is a fantastic recreation of the rape case of a medical student, complete with the initial investigation, police media trial, suspect confessions, political point-scoring, and courtroom hearings. You can watch it on Netflix. In case you don’t have its subscription, Click here to watch this movie for free.

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Judgment at Nuremberg

Another beloved film demonstrates how people and nations make decisions and respond to negative outcomes. This film poses a conundrum and asks the spectator to judge what the proper conclusion should have been. The film also demonstrates how foreign politics can affect court cases and how rulings are made.

It is based on the Nuremberg Military Tribunal in Germany, where four German judges and prosecutors are charged with crimes against humanity for their roles in atrocities committed during the Nazi era. This film is a must-watch for anyone studying international relations or the law in CSS exams. Click here to watch this movie for free.

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