CSS Books Download in Pdf

CSS Books Download in Pdf

CSS aspirants undergo four segments to become BPS-17 officers in Pakistan. The first one comprises a written segment. The written part has a total of 1200. 600 marks are contributed by compulsory subjects and 600 are from optional subjects. English Essay is one of the compulsory subjects. It is one of the most important and mandatory subjects to clear with hard work. Practice and hard work are essential components for writing a perfect essay. Here, in this blog, we will provide you with the download link for some best CSS books and notes for the English Essay. Furthermore, you can download all of them and can ace the written examinations. Besides, it can help you in the viva voce segment also.

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English Essay Books

CSS Books Download in Pdf

1. JWT Top 30 Essays

JWT is one of the most reliable academies in Pakistan for CSS/PMS preparation. To write essays in CSS/PMS exams, choosing the topic is the difficult part. It is because you have to choose topic for which you can write extensively in a precise manner. This book contains the top 30 essays which you can prepare to ace in CSS/PMS exams. All essays are written in a coherent manner. Besides, you can update them easily according to your convenience. The basic outline style, introduction style as well as thesis statement style can be seen here easily.

So, here is the first book you can download for CSS/PMS essay preparation JWT Top 30 essay by Zahid Ashraf. The revised and updated edition is available here. Go and must read them. At least you can watch the pattern of attempting the CSS/PMS essay paper. Furthermore, you can download it in pdf with only one click from the following link.

JWT Top 30 Essays by Zahid Ashraf

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2. Essays Book by KIPS Publishers

KIPS academy is also one of the reliable and great academies for CSS/PMS preparation in Pakistan. Its staff is very cooperative and their lectures are mostly understandable. This book includes both types of essays Argumentative essays and Issue based essays. Argumentative essays are those which are open-ended. It means they can provide you with some famous quotes, ideas, or proverbs. You have to analyze them according to yourself. For instance “Gender Equality is a Myth”.

So, here is the second book you must read for CSS/PMS essay preparation Essays book by KIPS Publishers. It includes essays with the best thesis statements and detailed outlines of each essay. You can also easily download these notes from the following link.

Essays Book by KIPS Publishers

3. Winning Essays by Murad Hussain Jasra

The third book candidates must go through for essay preparation is Winning Essays by Murad Hussain Jasra from CSPs Publishers. Mr. Murad is a CSP officer. He wrote this amazing book in 2019. Winning essays may help through different aspects. First, you can have an idea of statements, a second outline, a third quote, and the fourth length of the essay.

Your selection of topic could potentially determine from the very start of the essay. It doesn’t matter if your essay will receive a passing grade or not. Moreover, you should make a detailed outline. If you do have not a detailed sketch in your mind it will not help in the essay.

So, here is the third book. Furthermore, this book has detailed outlines, techniques, and updated topics. You must read it if you want to know how the winners got marks in the English Essay. Here, in the following link, his book is available for download.


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4. Oxford Essential Guide to Writing

The fourth book candidates should read to know essay writing techniques is The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing written by Thomas S. Kane, a British man. In this book, you can read the techniques for writing. This book consists of argumentative and issue-based essays you can see the detailed outline and lengthy essays. It will help you out during paragraph structuring, outline making, and for vocabulary. Techniques of writing are very important. For instance, for an outline, you will have to be very careful.

Often examiners don’t read the whole essay because of overburden but they read a complete outline. If you want to pass the examinations you should focus more than 50% on your outline. Furthermore, you can download this with one click.

The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing

5. JWT Contemporary Essays

The fifth book for CSS/PMS essay preparation is JWT Contemporary Essays by Syed Nasir Jamal. This book comprises rules of essay writing, techniques, and more than 30 essays with outlines. All the contemporary issues of Pakistan as well as the World are available here with outstanding thesis statements and bodies. Furthermore, you can download this book quickly from the following link.

JWT Contemporary Essays by Syed Nasir Jamal

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