Top 5 Books for CSS Preparation

Top 5 Books for CSS Preparation

Most Central Superior Service (CSS) and Provincial Management Services (PMS) exam candidates ask which books for CSS they should read to excel in these examinations. I want to recommend that just before buying the formal book for CSS preparation, they must go through the following books so that they can excel in the exams. Moreover, these books will help them out in the viva voce stage after they clear the written stage.


First, you can get a lot of additional information besides your syllabus. Second, It helps you make your concepts very clear. Third, the maximum MCQs of CSS and PMS exams are chosen from these books. So, Here is the list of the top 5 books, every CSS aspirant must read.

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1. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy 1947-2019

The author of this book is Abdul Sattar (1931-2019). He provided his services in foreign services for nine years because he passed the Civil Services exams. He also served as a Foreign Secretary and twice as Ambassador in New Delhi. Being a civil servant, he closely observed Pakistan’s foreign relations with other countries. That’s why he wrote this book. There are five editions of this book as it has been updated five times.

He has written this book as a reference for understanding history, political science, Pakistan studies, and international relations. This book mentions Pakistan’s perspectives behind every decision it made in 70+ years. Every CSS/PMS aspirant must go through the main topics of this book. Moreover, it gives insights into all the consequences and implementation of Pakistan’s foreign policy since 1947. You can read all the key issues of Pakistan with its all neighboring countries i.e. Kashmir conflict, terrorism, etc. It will tell how Pakistan shifted from non-alignment to looking for alliances to contain India.

To buy more books related to any subject, you can read this Blog for the best online bookstores in Pakistan.

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2. Why Nations Fail

James Robinson and Daron Acemoglu, two economists, are the authors of this book. The three main topics in the book are prosperity, power, and poverty. The causes of the hostilities between North and South are highlighted throughout the book.

The writers have outlined the causes of third-world nation failure and contrasted them with first-world nations. Candidates, for CSS, must study this book.


Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, a former Pakistani diplomat, is the author of this book. It contains a collection of essays by well-known journalists and writers, including Zahid Hussain, Ayesha Jalal, and Ahmad Rashid. Zahid Hussain has written several books on Islamic militancy in Pakistan. Ayesha Jalal is an American historian and sociologist. Ahmad Rashid is a renowned journalist.

This book analyzes the weakness and strengths of Pakistan. Well, it is an optimistic book for all Pakistanis which is a good feeling. It has not only addressed pressing challenges but also instilled hope in Pakistan’s ability to resolve any difficulties. I will recommend every Pakistani and CSS aspirant to read this book.

4. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan

The finest book for this is Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan by Hamid Khan. He has been a supreme court lawyer, columnist, and writer. Currently, he is serving as a senior Vice-president of PTI. Being a lawyer, he has written several books on the law that I recommend aspirants to read for International Law, Constitutional law, etc.

This book reviews all the constitution-making details and difficulties since 1947. Relevant documentation is also available in this book. Constitutional developments have been explained in the political and social context that made them. It also covers the influence of British India on the political history of Pakistan.

Three editions have been published now. Its updated edition is available. You can buy this book on Amazon.

5. Global Politics

“Global Politics” was authored by Andrew Heywood and Ben Witham. He is a prominent author of USA politics books. Being a professor in college and previously Director of studies, he has been the chief examiner of Government and politics. The finest book for understanding international events is this one. He has spent 20+ years as being politics lecturer.

The first edition of Global politics was published in 2011 and now there are three editions available of this book. This book is a major introduction to global politics and IR. The “Arab Spring, the global financial crisis, worldwide migration, etc.” have all been covered. The writing in this book is very simple and anyone can read it easily. If you read the whole book, you will be able to understand it thoroughly, otherwise, you will end up being not interested. Every CSS/PMS aspirant must read this book. It will help them to understand political science, IR, and Current Affairs to some extent also.

Best of luck aspirants! These are starter packs for CSS and PMS exams.

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