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CSS Books for Pakistan Affairs

CSS (Central Superior Services) examination in Pakistan is a competitive examination that aspirants need to pass to become a BPS-17 officer. Furthermore, to clear the first stage, the written stage, aspirants need to comprehend the CSS syllabus and CSS books. Only if you prepare non-cliche books for your CSS exams then you can qualify for being a CSP. It’s not a cup of tea. You must excel in each and every subject. Here, in this blog, for your convenience, we will provide you with the download link for some best CSS books and notes for Pakistan Affairs. Furthermore, you can download all of them and can ace the written examinations. Besides, it can help you in the viva-voce segment also.

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1. Train to Pakistan

Khushwant Singh wrote a Train to Pakistan book. He was an Indian politician, author, diplomat, and journalist. He wrote this book in 1956. His birth and Alma mater were from Punjab, British India which lies now in Pakistan. During the partition time, he stayed in India. But now he died in 2014. This book represents the scenario of the partition of British India in August 1947. It does it through the perspective of a fictional border village “Mano Majra“.

Moreover, in this novel, the village contains Muslims predominantly and Sikhs. It also depicts how Muslims lived in a sob while surrounding Sikhs and vice-versa. All the villagers stay in dark and hear the rumors and word of the mouth. Eventually, this movie leads to a scenario where Muslims go to refugee camps and people inculcate hatred for them in Sikhs’ minds. That local gang comes to tell them to murder them on the train to Pakistan. Then consequently, a Sikh sacrifices his life to save a Muslim’s life. And, then the story ends.

Aspirants must read this novel. Although it is a fictitious novel, you all will get to know about the sacrifices from everywhere. I am providing the following link here from where you can download the book easily.

Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

2. Kashmir in Conflict India, Pakistan, and the Unending War

This book was written by Victoria Schofield. She is a British author and historian. She wrote its volume in 2001, the second in 2003, and then the third volume in 2010. This book examines Kashmir from being a princely state to the present day. How it became a major decisive factor of instability in the region? Moreover, it tells that Kashmir stayed at the borders of china, Pakistan, and the sub-continent, and how it created regional tensions. This book also traces the origin of Kashmir valley a Muslim state and the British sold this valley to Hindu Maharaja. In the end, this book gives a critical point of view that why self-determination is a more attractive option for Kashmiris.

Furthermore, she was the best friend of Benazir Bhutto. In this book, she covered Kashmir’s portion in full detail. Here, I am providing a downloading link. Go and download the book from the following link.

Kashmir in Conflict India, Pakistan, and the Unending War

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3. Pakistan affairs Notes by Aamir Mahar

These are the notes by Aamir Mahar. These notes include all the material according to CSS Syllabus provided by FPSC Pakistan.

You can find here all the past papers also in the following link 2000. Analysis and areas of focus have been discussed in all examinations of CSS. Pre-partition data as well as post-partition data is available with full details. Notes have been written with all the details and concentration. you must read them with great focus. All timelines are available whether it is a Mughal period timeline, Delhi Sultanate timeline, British Raj timeline, or post-partition India-Pakistan timeline. Moreover, by reading these comprehensive notes you also can prepare for one paper exam. It covers MCQ portions also. Go and download only with one click.

PA Notes by Aamir Mahar

4. Governing the Ungovernable

This book is written by Ishrat Hussain. OXFORD University Press published this book. Dr. Ishrat Hussain is a Pakistani banker and economist. The first edition of this book was published in 2018. It discusses how Pakistan had to face chaotic years till 4 decades after partition in 1947. Then there came a period when Pakistan was ahead of India and Bangladesh. And moreover, it discusses how after 1990 Pakistan is falling behind neighboring countries and declined in growth rate.

Moreover, this book covers all the major topics of Pakistan’s Affairs. You can read them after downloading the book from the following link.

Governing the Ungovernable: Institutional Reforms for Democratic Governance


This book is written by Hamid Khan. He is a Pakistani writer, politician, and lawyer of the Supreme Court, Pakistan. Besides, he is currently serving as the Senior Vice-President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He wrote this book in 2001. By now, he has authored five books. But this book is the best of all. You guys can download this book from the following link easily.


Moreover, there are other books you can read for the preparation of Pakistan Affairs. But all of those books are cliche. That content will overlap your CSS PMS papers with other students. So, if you want o ace the subject, you must go for these books for CSS PMS preparation.

6. Pakistan Affairs by NOA Academy

NOA Academy is one of the best academies in Pakistan for the preparation of CSS & PMS exams. Students come from all over Pakistan to prepare for exams in this academy so that they can pass them. Moreover, it provides you with the best books published by their own publishers. You guys just read this book and prepare it well to attempt the paper in a good way as it is difficult to pass this subject. Go and download this book from the following link:

Pakistan Affairs by NOA Academy

7. Trek to Pakistan by Ahmad Saeed

Trek to Pakistan book constitutes more than 33 chapters. This has all details about pre-independence. If you guys want a non-cliche book for the preparation of pre-independence topics, you should study it. Here, I am providing you the link to this book. Go and download it. Moreover, every Pakistan needs to understand the necessity, the rationale, and the genesis of Pakistan. He must know about every question anyone has in mind related to Hindu bigotry.

Trek to Pakistan by Ahmad Saeed

Best of Luck Aspirants.

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