CSS Books pdf for Islamic Studies

CSS Books pdf for Islamic Studies

CSS (Central Superior Services) exam in Pakistan is a recruitment test for Bureaucrats. It is very crucial because Pakistan finds its diplomats via these exams. The passed candidates become BPS-17 officers by passing all stages of this exam. The first stage is the Written Stage. To go forward to the next stage, which is the medical test, aspirants need to pass the first stage. And, to pass this, candidates must comprehend all CSS books and the CSS syllabus. Here, in this blog, for your convenience, we will provide you with the download link for some best CSS/PMS books and notes for Islamic Studies. Islamic Study is a subject that can be a game changer in these competitive examinations.

It can be good scoring if you have written in a unique way with relevant verses. And, it can e low scoring subject also if you don’t give the attention 100% as you give others. You can take this subject in both languages, Urdu and English. Never ever ignore this subject. You need to have a very tight grip on it if you really want to be successful in CSS/PMS exams. Furthermore, you can download all of them and can ace the written examinations. Besides, it can help you in the viva voce segment also.

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Here in the following 5 most important books are written. You can read them easily as we are providing its download link also.

1. Islam and Modernism by Mufti Taqi Usmani

Mufti Taqi Usmani is one of the great scholars of Pakistan. He has also been a Supreme Court judge in Pakistan. Currently, he is the president of WifaqulMadaris AlArabia. He is an intellectual writer of different languages. he has written books in English, Urdu, and Arabic. He has written books on Islamic finance as well as Hadiths. Moreover, he has been writing on different aspects of the practical implementation of Islam. Moreover, he is also writing for Islamic solutions to ever new problems arising in the different spheres of life. He published most of the articles in the monthly Journal “ALBALAGH”.

A collection of such articles had been published in Urdu about seventeen years ago under the caption “Asr-e-Hazir Mein Islam Kaiysay Nafiz Ho?” (How to Implement Islam in the present time?) comprising about 750 pages. It is the best book for the compulsory subject ” Islamiat” in CSS/PMS exams. You can download it from the following link.

Islam and Modernism by Mufti Taqi Usmani

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2. Islamic Studies Notes by CSS 2018 Topper

Shanza Faiq, CSS 2018 topper wrote these notes personally. Later, she made her notes public to help CSS aspirants. They are detailed notes, covering the whole syllabus of Islamic Studies. You can download these notes. I personally recommend you go through these notes very deeply.

Notes by Shanza Faiq for Islamic studies in English

3. Islamic Studies Urdu by Caravan Publishers

Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai wrote this book. He has written many books for CSS/PMS aspirants. His main books are published by Caravan publishers. Here Islamic Studies book is available in both languages Urdu and English. Here, I am providing you with both links. It is according to the CSS syllabus provided by FPSC. All topics are covered wonderfully. All the verses are also available. Keep in your mind that you will not punctuate verses while writing them. Moreover, you can see Urdu poetry also in this book if you want to write them.

Here, you can download this book.

Islamic Studies Urdu by Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai

Islamic Studies English by Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai

4. An Introduction to Islamic Ideology

This book is written by a renowned Islamic scholar, Anwar Hashmi. He wrote its first edition in 1963. After this, four more editions have been released till now. He has penned down almost 14 chapters related to Islam in this book. This book will help you understand Islamic ideology thoroughly. Islamic ideology is the topic in Islamic Studies, you must go through. Islamic Studies is not easy to excel in CSS /PMS examinations. You all can click on the link below to download.

An Introduction to Islamic Ideology

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5. Islamic Studies Notes by Aamir Mahar

These are Islamic Studies notes by Mr. Aamir Mahar. You can find past papers, short notes, and one-liners for Islamic Studies easily. Besides all the topics according to the CSS syllabus are covered here with very detailed explanations. The past paper helps you to give an idea about paper structure. So, you must go through these notes. Download these notes from the following link.

Islamic Studies Notes by Aamir Mahar

6. Islamiat Notes in Urdu

These Islamiat notes in Urdu are not written specifically for CSS & PMS aspirants. However, it will be helpful for aspirants to pass this subject. Islamic Studies is one of the subjects that are not easy to get passed even for Muslims. It is a very difficult subject and should be attempted very carefully. Go and download these notes:

Islamiat Notes in Urdu

7. Islamiat (Compulsory) by Jahangir World Times

Professor Arshad Iqbal Chaddhar has written this book for CSS & PMS aspirants. Its syllabus is completely according to CSS & PMS syllabi. Thousands of students go through this subject. I personally will not recommend this book because it would not be helpful to differentiate from other students. Here, I am providing you a link to download this book. Go and download this book:

Islamiat (Compulsory) by Jahangir World Times

Click here to download CSS Books for General Science and Ability

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