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CSS (Central Superior Services) in Pakistan is a competitive examination that aspirants undergo to become a BPS-17 officer. To clear the first stage, the written stage, aspirants need to comprehend the CSS syllabus and CSS books. General Science and Ability is a high-scoring subject plus its marks become combined with Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs. Here, in this blog, for your convenience, we will provide you with the download link for some best CSS books and notes for General Science and Ability. Furthermore, you can download all of them and can ace the written examinations. Besides, it can help you in the viva voce segment also.

GSA paper is composed of two parts. The first one is Part I MCQs Paper (20 marks). Moreover, Part II is a Subjective Paper (80 marks). In the following books, updated and revised syllabus notes are available.

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So, Let’s start here

CSS books

CSS Books for General Science and Ability

1. General Ability Notes, NOA Academy

These are the notes written by a well-known academy of CSS preparation in Pakistan. This is NOA academy. Its notes are popular among CSPs. All students who want to excel in the examinations must go through these notes. The ability portion is a conceptual portion. Students who are good at mathematics can easily cover these topics. It consists of the general ability part thoroughly. All maths portion is covered in these notes. In the following link, these notes are available. Furthermore, you can download them easily. So, go and watch these notes.

General Ability notes by NOA Academy Islamabad

2. General Science Notes, 41th CTP

The General Science portion includes Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Science, Information Technology, etc. Physical sciences are related to astronomy, nature, hazards, energy sources, processes of nature, etc. Biological sciences include Plant and animal kingdom, Diseases, human physiology, Biofuel method, biomolecules, and the basis of life. The food science portion includes a balanced diet, quality of food, food deterioration, etc.

These are the handwritten notes by a senior CSS officer, Sir Faisal Karim Qureshi. He is a 41st CTP. The notes who are written by CSS officers can help the students. These include only the general science portion with all the details. General Science and ability is a third compulsory subject of CSS/PMS exams. Previously, it was called Everyday Sciences or EDS. The ability portion includes Logical reasoning, scientific methods, and mathematics portion. These are updated notes with outstanding information. you must read them if you want to ace the examinations. Here in the following link, you can download the notes with one click.

General Science Notes by Faisal Karim Qureshi, 41th CTP (OMG)

3. Elements of Logical Reasoning by Jan Von Plato

It is a book by Cambridge university press. Thus the book is my personal favorite and recommended for the logical reasoning portion of general ability. This book includes all questions related to General ability. The ability is a portion where you can get 100% marks. And to get 100% marks, you must prepare it with all the concentration. Here in the following link, I am providing you with this book. Go and download them.

Elements of Logical Reasoning by Jan Von Plato

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4. Basic Mathematics for Tests by Aamir Mehar

As we know that the General Knowledge section of the CSS exam consists of Current Affairs, Pakistani Affairs, General Science and Abilities, and General Science. A 100-mark objective paper with the General Knowledge and GSA (General Science and Abilities) sections embedded is part of the PMS test.

These are basic maths topics to make you perfect through repetitive experience. It includes problems on speed, time, age, percentages, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, and many more topics. You can practice those topics. After all, practice makes a man perfect. Here I am providing a link. Go and download the notes.

Basic Mathematics for Tests by Aamir Mehar

5. Asimov’s New Guide to Science

If you want non-cliche material for GSA, this is the best-recommended CSS book. It is written by Isaac Asimov. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Food Sciences, Disasters, and others portion are included in this. Here I am providing you a link to download this book with only one click.

Asimov’s New Guide to Science

6. Other Books

There are many other books that are available here to download, but those are somewhat conventional books for GSA preparation. The first one of them is the General Science and ability book by Akram Kashmiri and the other one is written by Mian Shafiq. By the way, cliche books are read by everyone, so their notes become overlap. If you still want to download them, you can do by following the links.

General Science and Ability PDF  (Akram Kashmiri)

General Science and Ability PDF  (Mian Shafiq)

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