How to Cover CSS Syllabus quickly?

How to Cover CSS Syllabus quickly?

Just chose to take CSS examinations? Want to ace the CSS after covering the CSS syllabus quickly?
But are you concerned about the process?

 CSS Syllabus in less time

Here, I will provide some pieces of advice below that you should absolutely pay attention to.

1. Choose Optional Subjects Wisely

Really pay attention while selecting your optional subjects for CSS.
The short answer is that there are two methods for selecting subjects.

  • Select the subjects which are related to the degree, you obtained recently. It will help you to score good marks because you have been given that particular subject for probably 2 or 4 years.
  • Select the subjects that have historically been high test scores.

Long answer: Use these techniques if you want detailed advice on choosing optional subjects.

Whatever you choose the method, just make sure that subject will not bore you.
For instance: Although Accounting has demonstrated good tendencies in the past you shouldn’t take it if numbers bore you.

It’s usually a good idea to match the courses with your past expertise or a degree in the field, though.
Last but not least, Please must check to see if any connections can be made between the subjects. This will also enable you to spice up your responses even further.

2. Study at least 6–8 hours every day to ace CSS

If you’re a little late to the party, let’s face it (CSS is hardly a party, but still). You would have to work a bit harder than your fellow students. 6 to 8 hours each day would be a reasonable number to catch up with other candidates.
Make it 12 to 16 hours if necessary.

But it goes without saying that time is irrelevant. What counts is how much of it you can take in.

3. Examine the past papers thoroughly

This is just a magic part of the preparation for the CSS exams. Do you know why? It is because maximum CSS aspirants don’t know even about this trick. They have no idea about the CSS syllabus and past papers. And then they face its outcomes of it.

Aspirants waste a huge amount of time by doing this. They don’t realize which part of the subject should be focused on more. They start to cram the whole book unknowingly.

So, in order to determine what to study, how to learn it, when to learn it, and how quickly you should learn it, pay close attention to the past papers and curriculum before you begin your preparation.

4. Get your Answers Evaluated as you practice

The majority of candidates fall short in English. The fact that 92% of students fail English, regardless of whether one blames a bad primary education system or own carelessness.
If you use clever techniques, it’s still possible to ace your CSS English exam like a pro.

The CSS Universe’s most challenging subjects are English Essay and Precis, thus I advise you to practice these every day.

Create an essay outline, pen down a complete essay or solve a precis, whatever you want to do on a specific day.

5. Make Contact with Mentors/Advisors

It is one thing to practice, but keep in mind that you will never learn if you do not get your work analyzed.

As soon as you can, you should contact a mentor. Take your time while choosing a mentor. He or she may have been an aspirant in the past who is now a CSP or a teacher at a CSS institution.
You shouldn’t seek advice on your CSS English Essay from your high school or college English teacher.

Why? because CSS has diverse requirements.
Once you’ve found your mentor, don’t be afraid to request their time. Even though they can be really busy, it will be your skill to attract their attention.

One CSP remembers how he used to bring his mentor’s favorite foods, meet him for lunch, and then take an hour after lunch for counseling sessions. Your coach will not only explain how to approach the CSS test strategically but also how to effectively prepare for it quickly.

To download the CSS syllabus quickly, Click Here.

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