CSS Books Pdf Download: Criminology

CSS Books Pdf Download: Criminology

I am giving you CSS books here specifically to help individuals prepare for the competitive CSS (Central Superior Services) exam in Pakistan. The CSS exam is a highly competitive exam that is taken by thousands of graduates each year in order to secure a position in the civil service of Pakistan. Furthermore, these books typically cover the various subjects and topics included in the exam. Here, in this specific article, I am providing you with all the best possible books for Criminology. It will be helpful for the individuals who have opted for Criminology as their optional subject. Moreover, as it is a high-scoring subject, so many people choose this subject for securing good grades.

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CSS Books

1. Criminology Top 20 Question Series by JWT

In this book, you can find the top 20 questions and their solutions from past papers. These are all important long questions from CSS 2016-CSS 2022. Every question has been attempted from 3 to 4 perspectives. Furthermore, the first question is about crime and the introduction of criminology. Then, next is about laws and so on.

Furthermore, as this book is published by Jahangir World Times, so obviously, it is worth reading. JWT is a publisher as well as a worthy academy. You must join it and read this book. Go and download this book. I am providing you a Google Drive link here.


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2. Book of Criminology by LARRY J. SIEGEL

This book has many editions, written by Larry J. Siegel, who has written 11 editions. Larry is a US writer. He was born in New York in 1947. He applied his social interest in social forces and human behavior to the study of crime and justice. After graduation, he opened a program at a university. Moreover, he has studied crimes throughout his life. So, he has written this wonderful book. This book consists of many crime theories in its preface.

Furthermore, this book is divided into four parts. Its first part is all about concepts of crime, law, and criminology. The second part is all about detailed theories of crime causation. The third part is about crime typologies. Last, but not least, the fourth part is about the Criminal justice system. This is also a worth-reading book if you want to attempt a non-cliche paper in CSS exams. Go and download this book from the following link.


3. Criminology Book by Advanced Publishers

This book for criminology is published by Advanced Publishers. They have worth reading and amazing books for CSS exams. Their written material is just beyond the imagination and amazing. You guys must read this book. This book consists of a Subjective portion and MCQs. Nasir Khan and Ammar Sattar have written this book. Both are criminologists. Furthermore, this book has outlines of every chapter, a summary of every chapter for quick learning, MCQs from chapters, and solved previous papers also. This book also included the top 12 most expected questions so that you can study them and go through them.

Go and grab this book to download and then take its print. Then, just read it as much as you can.


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4. 21st Century Criminology: A Reference Handbook

This book 21st-century CRIMINOLOGY has been written by J. Michell Miller. He is the professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Texas University. He has done his Ph.D. in Sociology with a specialization in Criminology. After completing his Ph.D. at Tennessee university, he also served as a graduate research associate there.

Now, if we talk about the book, he has divided this book into five parts. Part 1 consists of the Discipline of Criminology. Part 2 is relevant to the correlation between crime and victimization. Furthermore, part 3 is all about theories of crime and justice. After this, in part 4, he extensively explained measurement and research in criminology. Last but not least, in part 5, he discussed types of crime. These all parts overlap the course of CSS exams in criminology. You all must download this book to read.


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5. Advancing Criminology Notes by Aamir Mahar

These advancing criminology notes are written by Mohsin Raza, Advocate Uzair, and Aamir Mahar. They have compiled and edited them to make them beneficial for aspirants of CSS. Aamir Mahar is also a CSS mentor for many years. He has written many notes for the convenience of students. At the start, this book shows a table of contents. Then, starts with the Criminology terms list. This particular subject compiles all data related to crimes and justice. So, it has its own vocabulary. This book has provided a maximum vocabulary at the start and then all chapters get started formally.

Here, I am providing you a link to download this book. So, go and download it. It will help you a lot in attempting a non-cliche paper.


6. KIPS Criminology book

Nasir Khan, a Ph.D. Scholar Media & Crime, has written this book and it was published by KIPS publications. KIPS is also a notable academy for competitive examinations. Every year, some of the students who qualify for the CSS and PMS exams are from this academy. Moreover, this book includes all material that gets aligned with the FPSC syllabus for CSS exams.

This book has 15 chapters. All are exactly related to the FPSC syllabus. Go and download this book from the following link.


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7. Criminology Notes by NOA

Zaffar Naqvi, a CSS mentor at National Officers Academy, has compiled these notes for the convenience of students. He is also a special Magistrate in Rawalpindi Cantonment. This book is divided into four sections. The first section is all about the basic concepts of crimes and criminology. All material is well-written and worth reading. You all must go through these notes to get aware of each and every section for the preparation of the criminology paper.

Go and download this book from the following link.


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