5 Historic Series for CSS/PMS Exams

5 Historic Series for CSS/PMS Exams

This topic will enlist historic series that might aid CSS/PMS in understanding the subjects of CSS/PMS exams from a historical perspective. As we know, to prepare for all subjects we ought to comprehend each n every topic of the subject. For this, if you might be able to see those movies, you can watch them on the internet.

Historic Series

1. Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a mini-series aired in 2019. HBO and Sky UK produced it. It is based on the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. At that time Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. It was one of the deadliest man-made disasters in history. The sacrifices which were made to spare Europe from the unthinkable calamity are dramatized in this series “Chernobyl.” This series is an important topic for the preparation of European History. Furthermore, you can watch it here on HBO.

2. Chandragupta Maurya

In India’s history, Chandragupta Maurya (350-295 BCE) played a significant role in establishing the first state, which included the majority of the country. Under Chanakya’s guidance, Chandragupta established a new empire founded on statecraft ideas. He amassed a sizable army and proceeded to extend the realm’s borders. But in his latter years, he renounced it in favor of an austere existence.

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In 2018, Indian series was aired on TV based on his rule. This series is significant to watch to prepare for Pakistan Affairs as well as for Indo-Pak history. Besides, you can watch it on Dailymotion for free.

3. John Adams

It is 2008 miniseries on HBO, that follows John Adams’s life. It shows the process as he develops from a lawyer to a revolutionary to the second president of the United States. Moreover, it follows his life until his death. He died on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Aspirants who opt for U.S. History as their optional subject must watch it. Moreover, they can watch this miniseries on the link.

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4. Lord Mountbatten-The Last Viceroy

The British television show Lord Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy streamed in 1986 on ITV. It describes Lord Mountbatten’s role as Viceroy of India in the days running up to Indian independence. He was the Supreme Commander, of South-East Asia, during the Second World War. In Sri Lanka, they filmed this movie.

It has substantially importance to prepare for the subjects of European History, Indo-Pak History as well as Pakistan Affairs for CSS/PMS students. Furthermore, aspirants can watch it on the Amazon Prime Video link.

5. The Great Moghuls

This series comprises the remarkable growth of the Indian Moghul Empire (1526–1857). It was aired in 1992 on Channel 4. The Great Moghuls acquired, solidified, and significantly impacted the rule of the Indian subcontinent over the course of six generations, passing it from father to son. The total series has six parts of this complete story.

CSS/PMS aspirants must watch this series to cover history topics for the preparation of Pakistan Affairs and Indo-Pak history. Moreover, you can watch this here on Youtube.

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