Israel-Pakistan Relationship and Way Forward

Israel-Pakistan Relationship and Way Forward

Since 1947, the Israel-Pakistan relationship has been the same. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founder, was a far-sighted man. He used to see everything from a global perspective. To advocate for the Muslims of the sub-continent, he saw the international situation also how to find examples in the international arena and apply them to Muslims of the sub-continent. Quaid-e-Azam called the endeavor of Indian Muslims synonymous with Palestine Muslims. Moreover, he appealed to the world regarding the rights of Muslims in Palestine. Delegate constitutes on the basis of the Khilafat Movement claimed that the world has two Palestines, not one.

And, second Palestine is the Muslims of the sub-continent. Because of this perspective, Quaid-e-Azam called the Israel-boycott movement Pakistan’s basic requisite. So, the boycott of Israel is a part of Pakistan’s ideology that can never be ignored.

Fundamental Principle of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

No government in the early Parliamentary era had been yearning for changing Pakistan’s foreign policy towards Israel. Quaid-e-Azam and Liaquat Ali Khan’s regime duration was the earliest era of Pakistan. In this era, fundamental principles of Pakistan’s foreign policy were decided. Liaqat Ali Khan visited the USA and introduced Pakistan there but didn’t ever discuss any alteration in foreign policy for Israel.

Not only him, but all Prime Ministers of the early parliamentary era also didn’t ever desire to change any relationship towards Israel. Therefore, it became part of Pakistani people’s unconsciousness that accepting Israel was synonymous with sin.

Israel-Pakistan relationship

In the era of Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy, Pakistan’s tilt over West Bloc was obvious but any alteration towards Israel was never done. Therefore, we can say that Pakistan’s behavior towards Israel is a fundamental principle of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

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Alterations in Israel’s Foreign Policy

However, in recent decades, a question has arisen whether by having diplomatic relations with Israel, we can get advantages or not. This question got prominent after the Arab world started accepting Israel. Egypt had diplomatic relations for a long time. But, in recent times, UAE and Israel tied diplomatic relations with each other in 2020. Moreover, both countries signed a trade agreement in 2022, called “I2U2“. I2 means India and Israel, and U2 means the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

On the other side, Israel also changed its foreign policy. Earlier, it was not ready to consider any Muslim country, but now it is ready to establish ties with Islamic countries. Therefore, it initiated with the UAE.

Israel-Saudi Relations

Currently, Israel is trying hard to establish ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Recently when Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia, he went via Israel. So, it made history that any flight went directly from Israel to KSA. It was huge for the whole world. However, KSA didn’t make any statement about its relations with Israel and whether it is going to establish ties with Israel or not.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia has a complete grip over Saudia’s foreign relations. He made a lot of decisions that the world can’t consider in traditional Saudi Arabia. In his leadership, KSA is having ties with India at a fast pace. The film industry of India is conducting its shows in KSA even. Moreover, a new city is going to be started where Saudi laws wouldn’t be applied.

These all things indicate that we can hear someday that Saudi Arabia is accepting Israel and making diplomatic relations with it.

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Why does Pakistan need to Reconsider?

Right now, Pakistan is facing an economic crisis at an extreme level. Basically, it is owing to its political crisis. However, victims of this crisis are just talking about ending inflation and they are not considering any political crisis behind this. In this exacerbating situation, if anyone advises accepting Israel then probably referendum results would be in favor of this decision. It is because then the economic crisis of Pakistan can be resolved by this decision.

The leading argument in this decision would be that if Arab countries are accepting Israel then why not Pakistan? Palestine is the home of Arabs, but still, they are accepting Israel then why not Pakistan should be?

Right now, it is a big challenge for Pakistan whether it looks towards its economic crisis or its ideology. It is predicted that in the future, Pakistan would choose its economy over ideology.

What Pakistan can Gain?

Here the question arises that if Pakistan accepts Israel and it also gains economic advantages then would it be able to end Pakistan’s all problems? The answer is here again it is up to the political situation of Pakistan.

In recent times, Pakistan got a CPEC project which has the capability of a game changer for the whole world. However, Pakistan couldn’t gain any advantages from this, rather it is being pursued at a slow pace. Moreover, Pakistan has also other treasures by which it can resolve its economic crisis. The cheapest project Kalabagh Dam of Pakistan couldn’t get any consensus till today. On the border of Pakistan and Iran, Pakistan can not get oil and gas reserves.

The previous government spent a lot of money on the Kekra project and closed this. Because the Pakistani government is not strong enough to challenge the USA’s dictation. Similarly, after accepting Israel the whole issue will depend upon the political situation that whether Pakistan will be able to get advantages or not.

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What can Pakistan Lose?

The biggest problem is putting ideology behind the economy of Pakistan. It is clear that Pakistan was established on the basis of an ideology. It doesn’t matter whether ideology has any life in itself or not. Because, what Indian Muslims are facing, is oral evidence of establishing a country for the Muslims. Therefore, any reconsideration of this ideology will affect the global perspectives of Pakistan. Just like Saudi Arabia is facing criticism, similarly, Pakistan will face internal and external criticism too.

It should be kept in mind that before accepting Israel, Pakistan should resolve all conflicts with India. Because on the basis of almost the same principles Pakistan has tensed relations with India. And, to end conflicts with India, it would be like we accepted India’s possession of Kashmir. Even if they ask for Azad Kashmir, Pakistan should provide it too. In this way, Pakistan’s foreign policy will get stuck.

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Leaving behind the economy, it is dependent upon the consolidation of politics. And it can not be guaranteed that Pakistan would be strong by putting behind its ideology and Kashmir stance.

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