D G ISPR Rare Press Conference

D G ISPR Rare Press Conference

D G ISPR and DG ISI held the conference in Islamabad. It happened during the funeral prayer of the journalist Arshad Sharif in the Faisal Mosque. Thousands attended his funeral.

DG ISPR inaugurated the press conference by welcoming the journalists. Then he mentioned that today is a black day in Pakistan because it was 27 October 1948, when India started a war against Kashmir in Pakistan. And the Azad Kashmir people raised their voices against self-determination.

Aim of Press Conference

D G ISPR told the media that the aim of today’s conference is an investigation of the murder of the journalist Arshad Sharif in Kenya. To know the findings of this murder, it is necessary to differentiate facts and fiction. And then we should unveil the truth.

Moreover, we need to discuss those factors which are the basis of murder. People made undue accusations about Pakistan’s state institutions. They did this even to the Chief of Army Staff. It increased difficulties and tensions in society.

He narrated that the death of Arshad Sharif is a tragic event in Pakistan. Mr. Arshad Sharif was the icon of journalism. Pakistan’s populace will remember him as a role model. His programs were remarkable. D G ISPR said that his condolences are with his family.

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D G ISPR Rare Press Conference
Photo by Islamabad Post

Cipher controversy as per D G ISPR

Moreover, he said that Arshad Sharif made different programs on the cipher controversy. Investigative journalism was the reason for his reputation. So, when, the cipher issue came fore, he made different programs on it too. In this regard, he held meetings with the Ex-PM.

Arshad Sharif also conducted different interviews with different people regarding this. As per cipher controversy, the army Chief called the ex-PM in Kamra on 11 March and discussed it.

On this, Ex-PM said that was not a big deal. On 27 March, at a convention, he hoisted a piece of paper dramatically and tried to craft a fake narrative with nothing to do with the facts. Then, officials unveiled realities related to cipher.

On 31 March 2022, the NSC meeting was also an ordeal of it. ISI told NSC Committee very professionally that there is no evidence of a threat to the government. The government of that time just gave different narratives of foreign regime change, which were based on no evidence. They linked everything to foreign regime change without any reason.

People brainwashed Arshad Sharif with this same stance over political turmoil in Pakistan. People tried to defame state institutions in the world arena.

Narratives are given by the previous Government

DG told the media that many people used words like Apolitical, neutrals, Mir Jafar, and Mir Sadiq. On All these fake narratives and misleading propaganda, the Army Chief and his department reacted very patiently.

There are many questions about the cipher controversy which are still unanswered. The late Arshad Sharif was also one of those who would criticize state institutions. He was doing this since November 2021. But we don’t hold any grudges neither we did.

Facts of Death till Now

On 5 Aug 2022 KP Government issued a death alert for Arshad Sharif. As per reports, it was issued on the CM’s special orders. They speculated in this alert that a group in Afghanistan wanted to target Arshad Sharif. They wanted to target him in Rawalpindi and adjoined areas. Regarding this, no one informed Federal Government and the security institutions who gave this information.

These facts reveal that this death alert was only to compel him to go outside the country. It convinced him that he was a target. As per reports, Mr. Arshad Sharif didn’t want to go outside the country.

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Shehbaz Gill Case Relevancy with Arshad Sharif

On 8 august 2022, Shehbaz gill incited a rebellion against the army on the ARY  channel. He did it in a live transmission. It was synonymous with crossing the red line.  On 9 August, police arrested him because of this controversy.

 As per findings about this controversial transmission, Senior Executive Vice President Amaad Yousuf revealed that CEO ARY Salman Iqbal instructed him to send Arshad Sharif to foreign as soon as possible. And Eventually, he flew to Dubai.

According to this plan, Arshad Sharif had to come back to Pakistan on 9 September. KP government provided full protocol to Arshad Sharif regarding going outside the country. No state institute tried to stop him. When his Dubai visa expired. No one compelled him to leave Dubai on a governmental level.

Who was he who forced him to go? And Who was he who proceeded with his documents? Who arranged accommodation for him in UAE? Who convinced him that he was safe in Kenya?

Arisen Questions

There are approximately 34 visa-free countries then why Kenya? Who are Waqar Ahmad and Khurram Ahmad?

Who was hosting him in Kenya? Whom was he contacting in Pakistan? Who gave the information of his death and to whom?

Kenya police admitted his mistake but many questions are still unanswered. Whether it was target killing or an issue of mistaken identity. This aggrieved incident needs transparent findings. So, we pledged a high-level investigation into this case.

International experts, IT experts, Forensic experts, and UN members will be included if needed. Many people linked this situation with Army on social media without any evidence.

Who is taking advantage of it? We need to wait for the final report of the judicial commission.

He told the media that We can be weak. We would do mistakes in the past. We did it because of different reasons but we are not traitors and conspirators. So please don’t label us with these names, because of the unproven things. Everyone needs to build this perception, but not other perceptions.

Moreover, D G ISPR described that a famous scholar once said If you want to break Pakistan, you need to weaken its military. Today in Pakistan, an exact copybook application of 5th-generation warfare is happening in Pakistan right now. We all should get rid of this situation.

DG ISI Narratives

DG ISI also accompanied DG ISPR and held a press conference first time in Pakistan’s history. He was sweating a lot. While the discussion he told the media that he was there only for his institution, not for himself.

He criticized the previous government and told the media that people did not call them traitors because they did something unconstitutional. It’s because we didn’t do something unconstitutional.

DG told the media that it’s not right that first you meet us in darkness and then in daylight you call us traitors and conspirators. He said if you are satisfied with the fact that your army leader is a traitor then why are you giving him an extension in your tenure?

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