next superpower of the world

Next Superpower of the World

There is a lot of talk about China becoming the next superpower but China is not claiming to be this. Why China is doing this? How to become a superpower? What is it to become a superpower? Why some countries are in this race? Are there any responsibilities after becoming a superpower? Are Germany and Britain also superpowers? Can India also become a superpower? Can this honor come to Pakistan ever? If there would be any other superpower who it will be? Will any else country will be a superpower even or not? Let’s find this out in the following article.

What is a Superpower?

By its name, it is obvious that it means the biggest power. A superpower is a state that has global influence and it should not have any difficult for that state to set up a big project. It should be a major military power. Moreover, it should be capable of maintaining its dominance in the world through its politics, economy, and culture.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “A superpower will be a state that has one of the dominating military or economic power or possess both. It is such a position in the world that no major global problem can be resolved without its consultation. Furthermore, the location, geographical position, media, and culture of the country also help the country to become a superpower”.

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In ancient history, the term “Superpower” was used for various kingdoms. These kingdoms included Romans, Greeks, Persians, Britishers, and Germans. Muslims also established superpowers after the advent of Islam. Moreover, in the recent past, they established superpowers like the “Ottoman Empire“.

In modern history, the superpower term was used for the USA, Britain, and the Soviet Union after World War II in 1945. After this war, Britain lost its superpower status. And then two superpowers remained behind which had a cold war for a long time till the Soviet Union got split in the last decade of the 20th century. Then the USA emerged as the sole superpower.

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USA Vs China

According to Michael Beckley, an expert on political affairs in the USA, the main reason for the USA becoming a superpower is the weak status of rival states. However, it doesn’t mean that no country can become a superpower. According to him, the institutional system of China is worse than the USA. And, the USA has a weak democratic system but China has a dictatorship. Although the USA ruled the world for a long time China is fighting it now. According to him, the USA is currently dominated by its economic, military power, and political power. The USA is full of natural resources.

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Border Disputes

However, its borders are only with two countries, Canada and Mexico. Both of these have relatively stable economies. In contrast to this, China’s borders are adjacent to 14 different countries. Most of them are either political or economic instability or both.

With few border disputes, The USA doesn’t have to spend more on borders. While, with many border disputes, China has to spend on the border a huge amount which is a burden on its economy. As we know, except internal problems of Taiwan and Hong Kong, China is entangled in border disputes with India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other countries.

Natural resources

One more thing to add, China has fewer natural resources than the USA. Political analysts say that the expert workforce of US technology is also a major force. China has the capability to reproduce anything at a fast pace but the dangerous thing is that its workforce includes old people in large numbers and lacks innovation. The USA has a huge contribution to the latest technologies. According to an estimation, credit of 35% of the latest technologies is due to the US.

Large Population

Apparently, it doesn’t seem like this but China has internal economic problems. One of the major reasons for this is its population. It has to take steps to feed more than 1.4 billion people. On the other hand, the population of the USA has 1/4th of the population of China.

Fortunate Superpower “the USA”

In addition to the World wars, the USA fought other battles too for many years in the world. Those countries include Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. In the last 150 years, no war has been fought in the battlegrounds of the United States and it is its good fortune. The US has affected the economies of other countries but the US itself didn’t get affected as the war-torn countries.

The United States also has the privilege to speak English, a global language. Furthermore, its currency is the dollar which is used for global trading. Therefore, the US people can trade anywhere in the world. On the other hand, people from other countries don’t have these privileges. As the US dollar is a trading currency, the US economy is still very strong.

According to experts, the US is facing difficulties due to ongoing secessionist movements in the country. These movements are increasing due to rising debt, racial prejudice, and capitalism. In the future, these reasons could deprive the US of sustaining its superpower status.

According to a conservative estimate, the US still possesses 25% wealth of the world’s total wealth. Of the largest 2000 companies in the world, more than 600 companies are in the United States alone. On the other hand, the US alone spends 40% of the total world’s military spending on its military. It has more than 600 military bases in the world. Furthermore, more than 70 countries are its regular allies.

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USA Vs Russia

Although Russia cannot compete with the US, it is still the second military superpower in the world after the USA. Russia is 11th and the USA has the first economy in the world. On the other side, Russia is also facing difficulties because its population is not growing at a reasonable rate.

Russia cannot be a superpower because it is the leader of NATO allies but Russia is not part of any large alliance. It may be possible that the in near future, Russia and China may form a global alliance like NATO.

Germany- Another Strong Contender

Germany is another strong contender for the next superpower and has the fourth-largest economy in the world. It is the second most populous country in Europe after Russia. Its borders are adjacent to nine different countries. One of them is France which has veto power. Germany has a capitalist system, Moreover, its workforce is very skilled and wealthy. Despite this, its doors are always open for skilled people from other countries. German industry has made it one of the top services in the world. Despite, being a large economy, we cannot consider Germany a major defense power of the world.

Ex Superpower – Britain – Another Contender

Because of its economic, political, scientific, and cultural influence, it has still the capability to become a superpower. There was a time when m, most of the countries of this world were colonies of Britain. It is still an economic and military power. Like Germany, the world considers Britain a heaven for immigrants. Pakistanis and Indians have made the whole city their home in Britain.

Most of all it is good luck for them that their language is English. While, Germany, Russia, China, and Japan face obstacles because of their languages.

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Can India become Superpower?

India can also become a superpower after facing so many obstacles. Its biggest challenge is its population which is going to exceed China’s population. The second thing is its major workforce is mostly young people which is spread all over the world. Since India is included in the top five fast-developing countries but it is not possible for it to become a superpower in a few years.

India’s economy ranks fifth in the world in terms of GDP but is still much smaller than its neighbor China. According to different reports, 60% of Indian people are living below the poverty line. The biggest problem for India is its border disputes with Nepal, Pakistan, and China, the Kashmir conflict is a nightmare for it. Furthermore, more than 10 states are carrying separatist movements on a large scale.

All these problems are obstacles to becoming a superpower.

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Can Pakistan become ever Superpower?

Pakistan’s strategic geographic location, defense capabilities, youth workforce, and natural resources can help it become the first Muslim superpower in the world. However, for this, Pakistan requires a sustainable political structure that will last for a long time to bring economic stability.

Pakistan also needs to get rid of its border disputes as soon as possible. Furthermore, Pakistan has been politically unstable since its independence in 1947. It has been the victim of military dictatorship for almost three decades intermittently. Its democratic political parties have also been unable to gain stability.

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