China-Taiwan Conflict: From the Current perspective

China-Taiwan Conflict: From the Current perspective

No one can deny the reality that war is not the solution to any conflict. Rather it causes a lot of problems in the world. Nowadays, the world is facing a new war Russia-Ukraine war and the world is having bipolar order. The new bloc under Russia and China’s leadership is causing many changes on the international level. The Russia-Ukraine war is being looked at from the perspective of the new war in the Asia continent. In this scenario, a new conflict is expected of China-Taiwan which has been initiated for decades. Sometimes the effects of this conflict are seen all over the world.

Is Taiwan part of China?

Taiwan is an island in the sea of eastern China. It covers a total area of 13976 km2 and its population is more than 23 million. It has been under the control of China. That’s why China considers Taiwan it’s part. And, this is there season why despite being a developed country, Taiwan couldn’t make its own identity. Because of the influence of China, Taiwan couldn’t make its own identity. According to the agendas of the Current Chinese ruler, adjoining Taiwan with China is at the top of the list because it would help China to rule the whole region.

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On the other hand, Taiwan is trying hard to make its own identity with the help of the USA and is not ready to compromise with China.


Taiwan is an Advocate of Ukraine

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Taiwan became alert and warned aircraft of China which were violating its airspace. It happened after a few hours when Russia invaded Ukraine. Before this, Taipei had formulated a working group of Ukraine under its national security council and President Tsai Ing-Wen had said that Taiwan should increase its surveillance and vigilance, without mentioning China’s name.

This is the reason why Taiwan is against the invasion of Ukraine. It also is afraid of China. A Taiwan official told Reuters that in recent years there were similarities between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Just like Russia made a grey zone to Ukraine, China is also following the same policy and violating the airspace of Taiwan.

China’s Stance

On the other hand, China doesn’t agree with this stance of Taiwan. China says that there is a lot of difference between Taiwan and Ukraine. Ukraine is an independent country and a separate country from the influence of Russia. Moreover, Russia has accepted its independence for a long time. While Taiwan has been an integral part of China and China never considered it a separate country. The matter is not so simple. As regards Ukraine, there is hesitation across Europe that whether they will help it or not. Similarly, if China invades Taiwan, no country would come to help Taiwan in the future.

Moreover, when the Chinese Ambassador Qin Gang to the USA expressed his views on future conflicts between USA and China that it could happen in Taiwan’s stance. It spread a wave of concern around the world.

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Is the USA Afraid of China?

Whenever the USA expresses any point in the favour of Taiwan, it has to face China’s strong reaction. Since China is not ready to withdraw its stance regarding Taiwan, it can go to any limit for this. The USA is afraid of China’s hypersonic missiles. China’s technology has clearly defeated the USA. The USA defense analysts have expressed opinions regarding this. They expressed that China’s hypersonic missile technology is not according to the traditional principles of Physics and it is clearly defeating the USA’s missile defense system. This hypersonic missile is helpful to create China’s influence in the region.

Way Forward for China-Taiwan

If China takes any step following Russia, would the USA take any practical steps to prevent this? The USA’s back which Ukraine was having no one could see it. The USA has adopted a strategic ambiguity policy that if China invades Taiwan how would it react? And, Joe Biden has adopted the same also.

Professor Alexander Hwang of strategic studies and war gaming at Tamkang University Taiwan said Ukraine’s situation has taught us that it might be possible that your friend can send army troops or maybe not.

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Former President Ma Ying Jeou of the opposition party Kuomintang predicted that the USA could send weapons but it would not be sure that it would come to rescue Taiwan in the path of armed conflict. However, it is also a conjecture to say that the USA can sustain its superpower status. From this perspective, there is a need to focus on major alterations in the world.

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